this blog is void. Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

Hi, all!

To save on some time – I am combining my personal and business blog. This will be my last post on this one. Please update your favorites to for your Brooklyn fix. (2 new posts up as of yesterday.. one of Mya’s graduation and the other of family fun night at Brooke’s school)

Visit the new blog (totally revamped!) and leave some comments! 🙂


Shoulda wore a tutu.. Tuesday, May 26 2009 

My beautiful girl.. in a ballerina stance. ha!



Porchin’ it. Friday, May 22 2009 

Since the weather has got nice, we’ve been spending an awefull lot of time in the yard and on the porch. Brooklyn blows bubbles… EVERY day. I love watching Kenny and Brooklyn have a ball. He throws her around like a doll and she laughs and laughs! Penny, our neightbor from accross the street, comes over and visits often – plays with the munchkin.. makes her smile really BIG!








daddy2(haha… not really sure what was going on here)



Sushi. Wednesday, May 20 2009 

I told you all about Brooklyn’s new pet in a previous post. Well, here she is! Meet Sushi… the betta. Since the pictures are crappy.. I’ll tell you she is a bright blue crowntail. 🙂





An update {and a sweet boquet} Wednesday, May 20 2009 

I am such a proud parent. I adore watching my daughter grow into herself, develop her own personality, discover what she likes… and what she doesnt like. She has a very STRONG personality (like daddy) and we’re trying to tame the beast. ha! KIDDING. Well, about the beast part. 😉 She often gets into trouble at school for bullying the other kids. We hope thats only because she’s the oldest in her class. Once she ‘graduates’ to the toddler room.. we can only hope that will go away with the help of bigger, older kiddos.

Anyway! Our smart little munchkin.. drumroll…… counts to three!
We’re so proud! We’re working with her to go to five next.. but as of right now she’s stuck on three.


Change of subject. Last Sunday auntie Amanda came over to watch Brooklyn while I had a photoshoot in Bloomfield Hills. When I came home I was so lucky to find a hand picked boquet by my girl. Isn’t it pretty?









A good cause! Wednesday, May 20 2009 

I am all about volunteering! After listening to the Mojo In The Morning show this morning I discovered a way to get involved and help the community. The station put together Time Team Detroit (click HERE) to gather locals to put efforts towards a good cause – to offer time and service to those who need it.


Here’s a little bit about the Team (pulled right off their website):

Time Team is an interactive website where people and organizations can be connected to take steps toward building a world where those who need help can get it. we believe that volunteering will transform you and the world around you. No matter rich or poor, we all have the one thing needed most: time. In a spirit of generosity and mutual respect, Mojo In The Morning wanted to find a way to give back to the city that supported them throughout the years. Mojo decided that the best way to directly and positively impact Detroit was to use his microphone. Time Team was created to encourage hands-on community involvement, and Mojo In The Morning learned early-on that they could use the airwaves to mobilize hundreds of listeners who also see the rewards of helping our own community. It’s a simple conclusion that adding our efforts to the work of others makes everyone’s lives better. This is just the beginning… thank you for helping us build on this idea to improve the lives of neighbors and strangers.


If this has inspired you to contribute – go visit their website at
and sign up. I did!


Here’s a kicker.. for those who go and sign up I’m willing to discount a session fee by 50% as a thank you. Let’s change the world.. one day at a time!

A trip to the pet shop.. Monday, May 18 2009 

I had this bright idea to head on over to Pet Provisions in Brighton to get Brooklyn a special pet. A little turtle. We drove out to Brighton and started chatting with one of the shop’s employees… and come to find out they would make us sign a waiver to bring one of those little green things home because they’re so high in semanilla. “They’re like licking raw chicken”, she said. The safer turtle is the tortoise. Better yet, the Russian Tortoise who only get the size of your extended hand. The other breed gets hundreds of pounds and lives for up to 200 years.. uh, yeah. No thanks. The Russians were out of stock and ran for a whopping $160… again, no thanks. So.. needless to say Brooklyn ended up with no turtle.


But we did buy a blue crowntail betta and named it sushi.

I just bought.. Friday, May 15 2009 

..the cutest pair of shoes for Brooke on Etsy! If you love them like I do – visit the SHOP!

Check ’em out..





Spring is in the air! Wednesday, May 13 2009 


Rockin the shades! Tuesday, May 12 2009 

My camera phone takes HORRIBLE pictures… but this one is still cute. This was taken this morning on the way to daycare – Brooklyn sporting her new Disney sunglasses (which she LOVES). I tell her to say ‘cheese’ and she does.. then makes cute, silly faces to pose. I love her!



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